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VL, Italian wines
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Discover Antinori Santa Cristina Pinot Grigio, a lively and pleasantly fruity wine from Antinori, Italy's single best-known wine producer
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VL, Italian wines

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Italian Wines

It all began in 1893, when Luigi Cecchi became a professional wine taster. Although widespread in Europe, the craft of “palatista (taster)” was still unknown in Italy. The history of the winery is a compelling story of a family, articulated by passion, dedication to the land and a brilliant entrepreneurial spirit. Using the strength gained from their experience of more than 100 years of love for the land, today the Cecchi family takes on the challenges of the future with that same enthusiasm. Chianti is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire world. Thus for Cecchi winery, the word “sustainability” takes on a real and proactive character.

Cecchi Chianti DOCG Cecchi Chianti DOCG
A Chianti Classico is a wine made from grapes grown in the specially designated area of Tuscany called the Classico region. The Cecchi 1998 Chianti Classico draws from these grapes to produce a delightful and well-rounded wine. A brilliant deep garnet color heralds the aroma of dried plums and wild flowers with a hint of wild berries in the background. The flavor is round and powerful, accenting blackberries, plums and an earthy flavor that has become synonymous with Chianti. It is an excellent wine that goes perfectly with red meats, veal dishes and you guessed it, Italian foods of all types.
Price:  $12.47  Buy It, Now! | More Info!

Cecchi Morello di Scansano RiservaCecchi Morellino di Scansano Riserva 
Morellino Scansano Riserva Val delle Rose is a fruit rooted in Cecchi family’s winemaking tradition. This wine expresses complexity and character; powerfulness and tasteful finesse of the alcohol content. The careful selection of the grapes, the skillful work in the wine cellar together with the profound knowledge of the Sangiovese vines have rendered an incredibly harmonious and balanced wine.Val delle Rose Morellino di Scansano is intense ruby red in color; a bouquet of ripe fruit typical of Sangiovese di Maremma. Well structured and full bodied. Serve with roasted and grilled meats as well as game.
Price:  $22.34 Buy It, Now! | More Info!

Cecchi Riserva de Famiglia Cecchi Riserva de Famiglia
Vineyards Mixed soils in the Chianti Classico, Tuscany region. Winemaking After fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 21 days, the wine is aged in oak for a minimum of 2 years, 12 months of which are spent in barriques. Bottle aging follows for 3 months. Tasting Notes Color: Bright and intense ruby red. Bouquet: Full and persistent, characterized by hints of ripe fruit, spices, and some smoke on the finish. Taste: Concentrated black-fruit flavors. Elegant structure with supple tannins. Food Pairing Ideal with roasts, game, and aged cheeses and can also be enjoyed on its own.
Price:  $26.45 Buy It, Now! | More Info!

Cecchi Riserva de Famiglia
Magnum 1.5L (Two bottles)
Price:  $59.11  Buy It, Now! | More Info!

Cecchi Sangiovese BonizioCecchi Sangiovese Bonizio 
Bonizio is Cecchi’s interpretation for a contemporary way to drink good wine, without forgetting tradition. Bonizio is a skilful blend of choice Merlot from Tuscany’s coastal Maremma zone and select Sangiovese from the hills of Chianti Classico. Bonizio is a skilful blend of choice Merlot from Tuscany’s coastal Maremma zone and select Sangiovese from the hills of Chianti Classico. The Mediterranean climate and sandy soil of the Maremma yield a perfectly ripe Merlot that is rich in fruit and good acidity. Aromas and flavors reminiscent of raspberry and blackberries. Great entry on the palate with expressions of ripe red fruits. Rich and complex, it has a lingering finish with hints of spice. Serve with Excellent accompaniment to all full-flavored Mediterranean cuisine and very versatile with the main international dishes.
Price:  $10.82 Buy It, Now! | More Info!

Cecchi Chianti Classico Cecchi Chianti Classico
Chianti Classico is the result of the Cecchi family’s continuous research in the appreciation of Sangiovese originating from the most propense zones of the designation. Vineyards Chianti Classico area, between Florence and Siena, 1,000 feet above sea level. The soil is poor, stony and calcareous. Winemaking Traditional fermentation on the skins for 18 days. Aged in small oak barrels and barriques for 9-12 months. Tasting Notes Color: Lively ruby-red, turning to garnet with age. Bouquet: Intense with a distinct aroma of violets. Taste: Well-balanced and dry with a fruity finish. Food Pairing Ideal wine to match with flavorful red meats and poultry dishes.
Price:  $15.76 Buy It, Now! | More Info!

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