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Wine Gift Baskets to celebrate birthday or Anniversary!
Celebrate his (her) birthday, your wedding anniversary or even your company anniversary with a Wine Gift Basket.
Wine Gift Baskets
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Riedel Glasses
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Vert Line, wine,liquor,champagne,cigars,gifts

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Varietals & Wineries


French Wines

Barton & Guestier

Barton and Guestier

Two friends and business partners, Barton and Guestier created the company during the French revolution and passed on to successive generations, until 1954, when the surviving heir Ronald Barton, the founder's great, great-grandson, decided to ask another family run company, the Seagram group, to take a role in the growth and management of Barton & Guestier. The original spirit of innovation, quality and enduring trade relationships has been passed down from Thomas Barton to today's team of vintners, crafting the wines of Barton & Guestier. The two friends and business partners passed the company on to successive generations, until 1954, when the surviving heir Ronald Barton, the founder's great, great-grandson, decided to ask another family run company, the Seagram group, to take a role in the growth and management of Barton & Guestier. Ronald remained at the company's helm until his death in 1986.
In late 2001, B&G and the rest of the Seagram portfolio became part of the international fine wine and spirits company Diageo. Thus, in keeping with Thomas Barton's spirit of innovation, the torch has been passed to a new generation. Yet in crafting today's wines, the modern team of vintners remain committed to the original ideals of quality and personal commitment exemplified by founding partners Hugh Barton and Daniel Guestier.

Regional Wines     

• Graves
• Saint-Emilion:
Our Price: $19.35 Buy It!
• Saint-Julien
• Margaux
• Médoc
• Sauternes
• Pouilly-Fuissé: Our Price: $23.33 Buy It!
• Beaujolais Villages: Our Price: $12.00 Buy It!
• Muscadet Sèvre et Maine
• Rosé D'Anjou
• Châteauneuf-du-Pape:
Our Price: $25.55 Buy It!
• Côtes Du Rhône: Our Price: $12.22 Buy It!
• Vouvray: Our Price: $12.22 Buy It!
• Saint-Louis Beaujolais
: Our Price: $12.22 Buy It!

Vin de Pays d'Oc     

• Sauvignon Blanc: Our Price: $10.00 Buy It!
• Chardonnay
: Our Price: $10.00 Buy It!
• Reserve Chardonnay
: Our Price: $12.22 Buy It!
• Cabernet Sauvignon
: Our Price: $10.00 Buy It!
• Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
• Merlot
: Our Price: $11.63 Buy It!
• Reserve Merlot
: $13.31 Buy It!
• Reserve Pinot Noir
• Syrah
: Our Price: $10.00 Buy It!

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