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VL, surf and turf dinner
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Surf and Turf
Grilling Surf and Turf
Grilling Surf and Turf

Smoking and marinating that are guaranteed to yield succulent, flavorful meat and seafood.

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VL, surf and turf dinner

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Filet Feast and Maine Lobster Tails Dinner

Gourmet Food

Filet Feast and Maine Lobster Tails Dinner

Filet Feast and Maine Lobster Tails Dinner
Price:  $149.95
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Surf and turf is a luxury; there’s no arguing about that. It’s the holidays. If not now, when? If there’s someone you want to impress, or just something you feel like celebrating, surf and turf is sure to make the occasion memorable. Decide which wine you prefer and enjoy it to the fullest potential of its flavor profile. Sure, it may not pair perfectly with both land and sea but it’s sure to be enjoyed completely. Delivered securely wrapped in a Styrofoam cooler with frozen food-safe gel ice packs.

Mouthwatering spread of surf and turf

  • Two Large Maine Lobster Tails.
  • Two Filet Mignon 6 oz Steaks.
  • New England Clam Chowder.
  • Maryland Crab Cakes.

    Seafood Kit: Sea Shellers, Seafood Forks, Lobster Bibs, Moist Towelettes, Preparation Instructions.

    Shipping options are on the "Check Out Page", click on "Order" to see them. All deliveries are confirmed via email!

  • Maine Lobster Tails
    Maine Lobster tails are from the cold waters of the North Atlantic and have a sweet flavor and a firm texture.

    Filet Mignonr
    French for “cute fillet” or “dainty fillet,” Filet Mignon is often referred to as Tenderloin Steak. It possesses a very mild beef aroma, and mild beef flavor when compared to other steaks.

    New England Clam Chowder
    The flavor of a clam chowder should be delicate and mild. A good grind of black pepper and a bay leaf or two are the only other seasonings you need.

    Maryland Crab Cakes
    Composed of crab meat and bread crumbs, mayonnaise, eggs, and seasonings.

    "I sent this as a birthday gift to one of my close friends. He was delighted and surprised by this wonderful, beautiful gift that was delivered just in time. They said the lobster and the filets were fresh and excellent. They even liked the included bib. They said the clam chowder and crab cakes were also wonderful. I will be doing all my business with your company. Thanks!
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