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Food & Wine Cookbook
food and wine cookbook
Food & Wine Annual Cookbook 2003

An Entire Year of Recipes
Check the Wine Spectator's 2000 Top 100, with its mix of blue chips and values, collectibles and wines to enjoy now.
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Let Food & Wine Magazine be your invaluable companion to the entire world of wine.  Save 67%. Only $1.66 per issue.

Food & Wine
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The modern food lover's magazine for people who want to live--and dine--with style. Easy, innovative menus to please discriminating palates, with recipes from the most knowledgeable experts in the food world. Tips and strategies from famous and soon-to-be-famous chiefs and winemakers. Each issue of Food and Wine contains detailed wine reviews. One column titled Ray Isles Tasting Room provides readers with information on many different new wines, including comparisons to others. Other articles focus on topics like finding wine tastings in local areas and how to choose wines when shopping.
Food & Wine 1 YEAR 12 ISSUES Price:  $19.95

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