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Port Wine
Port & the Douro

Portugal's Wines and Wine Makers

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Port Wine

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Port is indisputably one of the world's great fortified wines, and shipments of Port to countries around the world are at their highest level ever. A vintage port is a stand out gift that has a bit of class and regality behind it. Port is known as the Englishman's drink. Yes, port is from Portugal, but most of it was exported to Britain for centuries and enjoyed with a cigar after dinner. The Warre's Warrior Porto is Moderately full-bodied and offers black fruits, minerals with a rich and ripe palate feel. While we may not have must of that post-dinner ceremony any more, we do look at port as a somewhat regal drink.
Warre's Vintage 2011 Premier Port Gift Set
Warre's Vintage 2011 Port Gift Set

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This is the most impressive and unique Port gift presentation available anywhere. A bottle of Port considered one of the best vintages in recent history, is delivered in a unique wine box that makes a striking impression.
Warre' Vintage Port 2011 in Handcrafted Burlwood Box
Warre' Vintage Port

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For over three centuries Warre's Ports have been famous the world over for their superb quality and style. An impressive wine gift of luxury and prestige in handcrafted burlwood box.

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Fonseca Vintage Port 2007
Fonseca Vintage Port 2007 Gift Set

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Fonseca Vintage Port 2007 is one of the best vintages. The gift is made even more valuable by the addition of two Riedel Vinum Port Glasses, designed exclusively to enhance the Port drinking experience.
Terra d'Oro Zinfandel Port
Wooden Wine Vase with Warre Port

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Designed in the artistic tradition of South East Asia, this Tamarind Pierced Vase perfectly captures the simplicity and exquisite attention to detail that South East Asian art is known for.
Fonseca Vintage Port 2007 in Handcrafted Burlwood Box
Fonseca Vintage Port 2007

Buy it Now! | More Info!
The burlwood box makes a tasteful decorative accent to the home or office, and a memorable way to present Fonseca's Vintage Port 2007 most celebrated port.

Port Wines
Port and the Douro recounts the fascinating history of Port, going back to the fourth century through the golden age of Port in the 1800s and up to the modern methods of production of the 1990s. How to age, decant, and serve Port, giving the Port drinker the knowledge to appreciate fully this special wine Port & the Douro
Buy Porto
Though Port had been crafted in the Douro Valley of Northern Portugal for centuries, it was the British merchants of the 17th and 18th centuries who helped transform Port (or Porto as the Portuguese call it) into one of the world's finest of wine selections. Buy Port
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