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VL, Merlot Gifts
An eye-opening to Merlot and a practical guide that's great for buying a bottle at home or taking on a wine-tasting trip.
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VL, Merlot Gifts

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Merlot Gifts

Merlots can the run the gamut from light and straightforward to deep and complex. Often less tannic than Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlots are generally full-bodied, deeply hued, high in alcohol and feature notes of cherry, plum and chocolate. Wine is the ultimate gift, and we can make this merlot gift easy to send to your friends, business colleagues or loved ones.

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Wine and Cheese basket
Artisan Fruits & Cheese Hamper

Buy It, Now! | More Info
A lovely picnic hamper full of fruits and artisan, handmade cheeses from World's best makers.
Imperial California Wine Gift Basket
Imperial Wine Basket

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 A well balance Merlot is presented in a beautiful basket accented with plum and sage linen and surrounded by gourmet snacks and Auberge Camembert.

Less expensive wine baskets

Wine gift baskets

More expensive wine baskets

Corporate wine baskets

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets

Wine Gift Sets

Artisan cheese hamper
Artisan Cheese Hamper

Buy It, Now! | More Info
An artisanal cheese is produced in small batches using more traditional cheese making methods.
American Wines Trio
Great American Red Wine

Buy It, Now! | More Info
Great American Red Wine Trio: Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Hogue Genesis Syrah 2009 and Columbia Crest H3 Merlot 2010.
Stag's Leap Hands of Time Red Wine
Stag's Leap Hands of Time Red Wine

Buy It, Now! | More Info!

 One Stag's Leap Hands of Time Red Blend: Combining two of the world's most popular varietals, this Cabernet-Merlot blend features a nose of nutmeg and cocoa.
Pairing Cheese with Merlot
Harmony should always exist between the cheese and the wine. They should have similar intensities. There should always be a balance – strong and powerful cheeses should be paired with similar wines and delicate cheeses should be paired with lighter wines. Not all Merlots are identical. Some are mild and some have a rich, tannic flavor. Mild, soft vintages are more flexible and can go with a variety of foods, while heavier Merlots are better matched with boldly flavored food. Try Merlot with sheep's milk cheese, younger wash rind cow's milk cheeses and many of the Alpine-style cow's milk cheeses. Try also with blue cheese.
Merlot Cheese Assortment
Merlot Cheese Board Merlot is a red wine grape widely planted in Bordeaux and to a lesser extent on California and the Pacific Northwest. It is known for its soft, smooth, plummy finish. Here are some cheeses we enjoy with Merlot: Beemster Classic Extra Aged Gouda, Monte Veronese and Manchego, Spanish cheese.  More
Merlot Cheese Board!
Merlots have soared in popularity in the last decade, they offer the simple and easy to drink for wines beginners and full-bodied rich wines for those with a sharply honed palette for wine. While Merlots are quite often less tannic (astringent) and more lush than Cabernets, they are still full-bodied. Merlots are usually deep in color and have a fairly high alcohol content level. Merlot flavors are typically those of cherry, plum and even chocolate. Merlot aromas are often fruity and herbal.
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